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Yeah! New Monuments album is out, and Guitar Player Mr. John Browne explains us the Ampete 88S and how much he loved it as we did since day one. Needless to say, he also uses an Ampete ONE Amplifier as well, take a look a it: 



German Gearhead and striving youtuber Henning Pauly asked Ampete for a lesson about amp switching, impedances, loads and currents... so Ampete came along into his basement, and this is what came out. Not a short but a very elaborate analysis of the Ampete switching systems... and the Ampete amps ONE and TWO.  So please check it out and enjoy! 



NAMM: amps in ampracks are always impressive! Friedman Namm 2017 Rig using two Ampete 88S Studio Switchers. These switchers are linked and can handle up to 16 amps and 16 cabinets.



NEW ENDORSER: Mighty Marcus Deml joins the Ampete Artist Rooster

ampete two mdeml


Yeah! Ampete TWO is out! And Mr. Ampete himself made a pretty cool video in their workshop where he presents his amps with different styles and different guitars, so check it out and enjoy! 


Wow! Gearhead Ryan Bruce of "riff, beards & gear" took a closer look at the almighty Ampete 222 Switcher. His conclusion: Approved! Thanks Ryan!



Gearhead Distribution is proud to announce the Schmidt Array pedalboards in our line-up!

schmidtarray logo kl

most advanced and innovate Pedalboard Systems

British Engeneering, Handbuilt in Germany


So what the hell is this? Check this video, check our page & find out!




2016/01/20 - AMPETE ONE - New Video Demo


Happy customer Christoph takes you on a tour through this extremly versatile amplifier! Thanks Christoph!



Hey German Readers! Check out the new special issue of Gitarre & Bass about effect pedals and more! Mr. Ampete himself was part of the editorial staff & wrote some nice articles. Of course, the Ampete switchers are in it as well...




2015/06/10 - AMPETE ONE - New Video Demo

Daniel Golla giving us some Metal on the Ampete One! Horns up and thank you for the demo!


2015/03/01 - Gitarre&Bass Review

German Magazine Gitarre&Bass reviews Ampete´s One! Check out their issue 04/2015!


2014/12/15 - Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah)

Fredrik Thordendal of the mighty band Meshuggah now uses the Ampete 444! "It’s an absolutely amazing unit!"

ampete Fredrik Thordendal Meshuggah


2014/10/30 - Pete Thorn demo of Ampete 444

Pete Thorn demos the Ampete 444! What a powerful tool in his hands! Thanks Pete!